Mystik Lubricants warrants that its lubricants (the “Product”) meet the standards and specifications set forth on the Product, the packaging of the Product and the Product Information Sheets. In the event that the Product fails to conform to this warranty, Mystik shall be responsible for the reasonable costs of repairs to equipment, which are directly caused by such failure, provided the following steps are performed:

  • Written notice of such failure is provided to Mystik within thirty (30) days of discovery of such failure or damages resulting therefrom. Notice should be sent to:

    Fluids Technology Manager
    Mystik Lubricants
    1293 Eldridge Parkway
    Houston, TX 77077
  • A sample of the used Product from the failed equipment is preserved and is provided to Mystik as well as a sample of the unused Product, if the unused Product is available. Mystik reserves the right to examine the failed engine parts.
  • The product was used in accordance with the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the equipment or vehicle.
  • Documentation is available to show that the equipment has been maintained in a preventive maintenance program which meets the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Mystik is not responsible for any consequential or indirect damages. The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether written, oral or implied (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose).