Engine Oils

1) Is the new Mystik® JT-8® Synthetic Blend Super Heavy Duty Engine Oil compatible with the previous non-synthetic JT-8®?
Yes, synthetic blend engine oils are very compatible with non-synthetic engine oils. However, to experience the full benefits of Mystik JT-8 Synthetic Blend, filling the crankcase is required.

2) I have always heard that synthetic oil causes your seals to leak. Will I start to see oil loss with Mystik® JT-8® Synthetic Blend Super Heavy Duty Engine Oil?
No, synthetic oils do not cause seals to leak. If your engine is leaking from old, cracked or hardened seal material, JT-8 will neither heal nor worsen the problem.

3) I would like to use Mystik® JT-8® in my truck but am unable to locate your product at fuel service sites. Why?
The Mystik product line has historically been sold through farm and ranch type retail outlets. In addition, many auto parts stores now carry Mystik branded products. To find a retailer or distributor, please use the Mystik locator.

4) Does Mystik® JT-8® Synthetic Blend Super Heavy Duty Engine Oil meet the new API category CJ-4?
Yes, the Mystik JT-8 engine oils 10W-30 and 15W-40 are licensed API CJ-4

Small Engine Oils

1) Is Mystik® JT-4® Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil recommended for use in sleds where the engine is equipped with “variable exhaust power valves?”
Mystik JT-4 Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil is designed for high performance snow machines where superior performance and exhaust valve cleanliness is a must. Mystik JT-4 Synthetic Snowmobile Engine Oil is an excellent choice for use in snowmobile engines equipped with “variable exhaust power valves.” The power valves, being located directly in the exhaust stream, are highly susceptible to accumulate carbon deposit. Mystik JT-4 is engineered to keep deposit formation at a minimum while providing excellent engine wear protection. Regular scheduled cleaning and maintenance of exhaust valves as outlined in your service manual should be followed to maintain top performance of your sled.

2) Can Mystik® JT-4® Synthetic Snowmobile Oil be used in Snowmobiles equipped with Rotax Engines?
Yes, Rotax engines, because of their high horsepower output per cubic inch, tend to create more heat and require a higher level of wear protection. Mystik JT-4 Synthetic Snowmobile Oil is positioned in an elite class of 2-cyle engine oils that not only meet but in most cases, surpass the toughest oil specifications of API TC and JASO FD.

3) Is exhaust smoke visible? Does the exhaust smell?
Mystik Snowmobile Oil is designed to provide low visible smoke and reduced exhaust odor. JT-4 Synthetic Snowmobile Oil is formulated with clean, low sulfur, high purity synthetic base stocks coupled with an advanced technology additive package fortified with clean burning detergents, dispersants and wear reducers all designed for clean, efficient combustion.

4) Is it compatible with OEM brands? Ok to mix?
Yes, Mystik JT-4 Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil is recommended wherever API TC and JASO FC, FD low ash, two-cycle oils are specified. Mystik JT-4 is compatible with and recommended as a replacement for mineral and synthetic manufacturer branded air cooled 2-cycle engine oil. To achieve optimum performance from the Mystik product, mixing of lubricants is discouraged.

5) Does Mystik® JT-4® Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil have a JASO FD Certification Number? What is it?
Mystik Lubricants guarantees FD performance. Mystik warranty will back the performance of this product in all JASO FD applications.

6) Will my OEM engine warranty be affected with the use of this oil?
No, manufacturer’s warranties are tied to oil quality. Your owner’s manual or dealer can point out the type and quality of 2- cycle engine oil needed for your unit. Look for low ash, air cooled, API TC, JASO FC or FD and be assured Mystik JT-4 Synthetic 2-Cycle oil will qualify under these specifications.

7) Is this a "low ash" or "ashless" oil?
Mystik JT-4 Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile is classified as low ash, air-cooled, synthetic, 2-cycle engine oil.

8) Why is it priced so much less than the OEM oil?
We cannot address how other companies approach their pricing. For Mystik JT-4, we strive to provide the best performance at a price that provides a great value.

9) Is this oil suitable for use in all 2-cycle applications?
No, Mystik JT-4 Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile is recommended for use in 2-cycle engine applications requiring API TC, JASO FC and JASO FD quality oil. It is not recommended for use in outboard marine engines or applications calling for NMMA TC-W3.

10) Where can I buy Mystik® JT-4® Synthethic 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil?
Mystik Marketers and retail locations are listed on this Web site. Mystik products my also be purchased direct from our online Web site and will be delivered directly to your home or business.

Automotive Gear Oils

1) Can I add Mystik® JT-7® Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant to a “positive trac” or “limited slip” type differential?
Yes, the Mystik JT-7 gear lubricant can be used for make up and drain and refill for this type of differential.

2) Does the partial synthetic Mystik® SX-7000® Synthetic Gear Lubricant have the proper additives for use with limited slip axles?

3) Can I use Mystik® JT-7® Gear Oil in a gearbox or non-synchronized transmission that has internal components made of yellow metals such as brass or copper?
Yes, Mystik JT-7 Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricants, in addition to meeting API GL-6, meets the requirements of the API MT-1 Classification for non-synchronized manual transmissions. The MT-1 Classification has a requirement for compatibility with yellow metal parts, therefore, gear oils which also meet MT-1 will not cause a problem with corrosion of yellow metal within your non-synchronized transmission or gear box.

Transmission/Power Fluids

1) What is the viscosity of the Mystik® JT-5® Tractor Trans Hydraulic Fluid?
The viscosity of the Mystik JT-5 is similar to a SAE 10W-30.

2) Can I use Mystik JT-5 Tractor Trans-Hydraulic Fluid where John Deere J20C or Ford M2C134 fluids are recommended?
Yes, JT-5 is an excellent choice for applications calling for these OEM specifications.

3) Does the Mystik® Lubricants Tenax® Fluid SAE 10W meet the Caterpillar TO-4 specification and does it contain 900 ppm zinc which is required by CAT?
Yes, Mystik Lubricants Tenax 10W, 30W and 50W are formulated to meet the performance requirements of Caterpillar TO-4. All three Tenax viscosity grades are formulated to exceed the minimum 900 ppm zinc requirement for CAT equipment.


1) Does the Mystik® JT-6® Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease contain moly?
No, there is no molybdenum disulfide in Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease. The new Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp with 3% Moly Grease is a great choice if your equipment operates in severe-duty conditions.

2) Can the Mystik® JT-6® Multi-Purpose Grease be used to grease bearings in boat trailers and utility trailers? How about automobile wheel bearings?
Mystik Jt-6 Multi-Purpose grease is a medium temperature range multi-purpose grease for extreme pressure loads and slow to medium speed bearings. It is excellent for grease chassis points, fifth wheels, and water pumps. It works especially well where extended lubrication intervals are practical, highly loaded or shock loaded grease lubricated applications exist, and excellent rust protection is desired. It is fully rust and oxidation inhibited.

3) Can the Mystik Tetrimoly® Extreme Duty Grease be used for off-road equipment such as dozers and backhoes? Does it contain moly and what is "moly"?
Yes, Mystik Tetrimoly – now called Mystik® JT-6® Hi-Temp with 3% Moly – is an excellent choice for use in off-road mining and construction equipment. The word "moly" is short for molybdenum disulfide which is a chemical compound used in many lubricants to minimize metal-to-metal contact by adhering to the metal surface and reducing friction. Moly is not a permanent film and must be replenished by regreasing.

4) I use my boat in saltwater as well as in fresh water lakes. Will the Mystik® JT-6® High Performance Marine Grease protect my boat trailer wheel bearings when exposed to corrosive saltwater environment?
Yes, the new corrosion resistant additive technology formulated into the Mystik JT-6 High Performance Marine Grease is highly resilient in battling the effects of salt water corrosion. Most marine grade greases will do an adequate job in protecting bearing surfaces from rusting when trailer bearings are exposed to fresh water, however, it takes a premium product like JT-6 High Performance Marine Grease to maintain a protective water fighting coating around the bearings and combat the pitting associated with saltwater corrosion.

5) I really like how Mystik® JT-6® High Performance Marine Grease protects the bearings in my trailer from rust, corrosion, and wear but I would like to know if I can use this grease in other applications other than just trailer bearings.
The Mystik JT-6 High Performance Marine Grease offers excellent heavy and shock load protection along with being highly water resistant. This combination of performance qualities enables this grease to be used in many applications: winch gears, hydraulic jack plates, boat dock machinery, pivot points on outboard and inboard engines, boat steering mechanisms, automotive chassis, fifth wheel, king pins, steering knuckles, bucket pins and ball joints just to name a few of the applications this versatile grease can be used in.

6) How often should I regrease my boat trailer bearings?
This depends on several factors which can include: the amount of use, the load you are carrying, wheel size, and driving conditions i.e. hot dusty, dirty roads. At minimum grease should be added to the bearings at least twice per season and more often if pressurized grease fittings “bearing buddies” are not used in the wheel hubs and frequent trips to the lake are encountered.

7) I am not sure what grease I am currently using. The only thing I know is it is red in color. Will Mystik® JT-6® High Performance Marine Grease be compatible with this red grease?
The color of the grease offers little clue as to the thickener type, performance, heat range, or water resistance of grease you are using. Mixing various greases is never considered normal and always offers a risk of incompatibility. As a safe practice, when in doubt about compatibility, the old grease should be purged or wiped cleaned from the bearing and race before the new grease is applied.

8) Is Mystik® JT-6® High Performance Marine Grease compatible with lithium base grease?
Yes, Mystik JT-6 High Performance Marine Grease has shown very good compatibility with lithium, lithium complex and calcium based greases.

9) Where can I purchase Mystik® JT-6® High Performance Marine Grease?
You may purchase from one of our local distributors. There is a locator here on www.MystikLubes.com. Click on the “Where to Buy” tab and enter your “Postal Code.” The closest source point will be provided.

Mystik products can also be purchased on-line and delivered to your home or office at: www.MystikLubes.com - tab to "Products"

Hydraulic Fluids

1) What is the weight of Mystik JT-9 LeakShield® AW Hydraulic Fluid Oil ISO 32, 46, 68 and 100? Do these oils contain detergent? Will they foam?
The approximate SAE viscosity grade for an ISO 32 hydraulic oil would be a 10 weight, the ISO 46 and 68 are grouped as SAE 20 weights and the ISO 100 is a 30 weight. These oils are non-detergent and will readily separate from water. The Mystik JT-9 LeakShield® AW Hydraulic Fluids are formulated with a very effective anti-foam agent designed to prevent foaming.

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