Mystik® JT-6® Synthetic Blend Grease #2

Mystik<sup>&reg;</sup> JT-6<sup>&reg;</sup> Synthetic Blend Grease #2

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Mystik JT-6 Synthetic Blend Grease is a premium quality, multi-purpose, high-temperature, lithium-complex EP grease with excellent low- temperature properties.A unique blend of petroleum base oils and synthetic fluids gives this grease excellent resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures and exceptionally low start-up resistance (torque) under extreme low-temperature conditions.

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PI Sheet:

SDS Sheet:

Packaging Size:
  • $5.37
  • $236.26
  • $135.53


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  • 35 lb Metal Pail - L
  • 120 lb FOH Drum - L
  • 120 lb FOH Drum - UL
  • 400 lb FOH Drum - UL

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