Frattalone Companies Reduces Maintenance and Hourly Costs

Runs Entire Fleet with Mystik® JT-6® Heavy Duty SynBlend 460 #2 Grease


Frattalone Companies, Inc., a civil construction company that services clients across the Midwest, operates a fleet of over 300 pieces of heavy-duty equipment and wants to reduce their downtime and consumption to help increase productivity. The Mystik team, along with Kath Fuel Oil and Service, suggested running a high-performance grease designed to reduce equipment and extend operating hours in heavy-duty applications.


The Mystik Lubricants experts analyzed Frattalone's current grease in the lab for compatibility and performance and advised them to switch to Mystik® JT-6® Heavy Duty SynBlend 460 #2 Grease. The heavy-duty grease has an optimized blend of mineral and synthetic base oils for a wide operating temperature range and superior performance properties.


The initial testing of the Mystik heavy-duty grease showed significant improvements in their heavy-duty equipment.

After running it through a couple of service intervals, Frattalone decided to implement the Mystik grease throughout their fleet. The heavy-duty grease stayed on longer than any other and saved them tens of thousands of dollars per year on time and parts.


A civil site construction company since 1970, Frattalone Companies operates over 300 pieces of heavy equipment that services clients across the Midwest. Frattalone specializes in earthwork, demolition, underground utilities and energy services and is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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