Capitol Carbonic Reduces Hydraulic Consumption by 75%

Changes to Mystik JT-9® LeakShield® AW Hydraulic Oil 46


Capitol Carbonic is the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic dry ice manufacturing and distribution leader of choice in the United States. They were having issues with hydraulic leaks, which caused the consumption of an inordinate amount of fluid, expensive downtime and periodic contamination of their product. A-TECH Hydraulics proposed changing to a premium quality anti-wear, anti-leak and anti-foam hydraulic oil to help significantly decrease these issues by reducing leaks and immediately identifying hydraulic oil leakage when it happens.


Mystik Lubricants specialists partnered with A-TECH Hydraulics to recommend Mystik JT-9 LeakShield AW Hydraulic Oil 46. This hydraulic oil is formulated for use in modern high and low-pressure industrial and hydraulic systems. It meets the toughest requirements of most manufacturers and is dyed green for ease of identification from other petroleum products.


After changing from its previous vendor, Capitol Carbonic saw an immediate 75% reduction in their hydraulic oil consumption. Instead of going through three drums of hydraulic oil a month, they now consume only a quarter. Then to save on costs, Capitol Carbonic switched from drums to totes, eliminating expenses like disposal fees from their bottom line.

"In the past, we've used a low light and low weight hydraulic oil," said Paul Weldon, General Manager of Capitol Carbonic. "Now that we're with Mystik, it's been great! You can immediately identify a leak because it is dyed green and we're not changing seals out or seeping through our hydraulic fittings like we were in the past. There's no reason not to switch to Mystik."

About Capitol Carbonic

The largest independent manufacturer and distributor of dry ice products on the East Coast, Capitol Carbonic has well over 100 years of experience in the dry ice industry and 60 years of working in cold chain and packaging solutions. Capitol Carbonic is family owned and operated and specializes in dry ice blocks, pellets, blasting ice, EPS & gel packs and more. Headquartered in Catonsville, Maryland, the company has a manufacturing & packaging facility in Baltimore and distribution partners in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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